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This food is economically priced, my dog likes it, and I am happy with the ingredients so we definitely will be sticking with this brand for a while. What I am curious about is the amount of Vitamins in each bag. I just want to make sure my dogs are not getting too much Viamin D. Why is nothing smaller offered as it was a while back? This was very helpful. Thank you. I notice that that it contains salt. Should I no longer buy that treat bc of the salt? I recently bought a bag of your small breed puppy food. Chichenand brown rice recipe.

I found the the kibble had what looks to be small toothpick like sticks sticking out of each piece of food. I bought this at pet smart in Carson City NV. I returned it to the store. But manager did not seem to conerned. Hey, Kim.

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Glad you noticed the problem, and we certainly hope your pooch will be fine. Do understand that we are not affiliated with Simply Nourish in any way. We simply provide reviews and information about a variety of products for dogs. Our cat has eaten simply. The shape of the food has changed recently from August to The current shape looks like kitten food but is in the adult bag. Not sure about that, JK.

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I have recently switched to simply nourish and my dogs love it! I have concerns with their wet food grain free chicken and vegetable stew in 10 oz can. I recently opened two different cans and the chicken had a green tint to it. I threw the first can away. After opening the second can and seeing the same thing I kept it and I am going to take it back to the store. I hope you can look into this and get back to me.

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Hey, Leah. It sounds like you did the right thing though. Best of luck! Let us know how it turns out. Can someone explain. Note that Thailand enforces much stricter quality-control and safety standards than some other countries, such as China. I cannot find the simply nourish turkey cranberry sweet potato anymore. My dog has a real sensitive tummy and that is just about the only kind she will eat.

Does anyone have any information on why? Hey, Judy. That sounds frustrating. My six month old puppy is on Simply Nourish with Chicken and peas and potatoes.

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However he is exhibiting way looser stools than he should. What should I do? Thanks for the tip, Ann. We have notice lately that the treats are not as chewy as they use to be. Now my puppy has a hard time eating the treats.

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My dog has ate small breed puppy dog food for a long time here recently I purchased a bag and he got real sick. He went to the hospital stayed overnight was getting better when he was able to eat solid food he got sick again, vet said he was eating something that has poison. The only thing is this dog food. I have stopped given it to him and doing much better. She liked it! Which ingredients? And, from where?

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Thank you for any information you can provide. I will not change them to anything else you rock. This dog food has the same preservatives and chemicals as most of the others! And these brands are not exclusive to Pet Smart — they are available from Amazon, Chewy, etc. We have been feeding our boys Simply Nourish for past 6 months with no problems.

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But yesterday I had trouble getting hold of their dry dog food. I was able to get one bag of their salmon flavored. He said it had maggots and molds. Can you check on this and let us know whats going on? Hate to look for alternatives. Recalls are certainly not ideal, but they can happen to even the best manufacturers. By signing up you agree to our terms. Types of Simply Nourish dry kibble include: chevron-circle-right Standard: Features a mix of protein and quality grains.

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Foods in this category feature one primary protein and one primary carbohydrate. What earns Simply Nourish this rating? L3: Novice. Quote from humble. L2: Beginner. Quote from DiegoD :. L1: Learner.

Quote from PreacherCruz :. Quote from anly92 :. L9: Master. Opposition isn't Hate. Quote from Hammerhead :. She did a manual override. I was concerned because the coupon says, "non-transferrable" and "void if copied", but it looks like no one has had problems with printing and using this coupon, so I'll give it a go. Me and my housemates are gonna each go with a set of 3 different coupons for 9 bags. Quote from jenica. Didn't work for me.

No one would override it either.