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This promotion is becoming increasingly popular among ecommerce merchants. Try before you buy is exactly what it sounds like. It lets customers ship a product to their home typically they only pay for shipping costs so they try on or see the product in action. Yes, the offer does come with risks.

If customers are truly happy with your merchandise, they will be more likely to keep it. We talked about the different kinds of sales promotions you could offer. Start by identifying your objectives. Do you want to increase foot traffic? Boost your bottom line? Are you trying to make room for new inventory? The answer will help you decide on the right promotion.

If you want to draw people into your store, for example, then an attractive discount might be the way to go. On the other hand, if your goal is to move inventory, then you should look into BOGO or multi-buy promotions. Another way to figure out which promo is the best? Test different types to see what works best for your store. Generally, blanket promotions that are easy to understand e. If it makes sense for your promotion, see if you can apply any of these restrictions.

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Just note that the more hoops people have to jump through, the less likely that they will make a purchase. Promotions need to be… well, promoted. Here are some pointers for enticing people to buy:. Avoid setting promotions with no end date, as this will cause people to dilly-dally. This is one of the reasons why flash sales are so effective. For best results, add countdowns telling people how much or little time they have left to take advantage of your offer. Check out what Habitat did in its store below. Create your offers around a specific theme.

Doing so will make it easier for people to grasp and remember your promotion. An easy way to do this is to piggyback on holidays. See if you can do something similar to your promotions. Find a holiday — even an unofficial one — that relates to your business and use it as a hook to draw people in. Got a loyalty program? See if you could make it work with your promotion. If you play your cards right, you could drive member signups and sales. Check out their coupon below. Turn it into an event. Your loyal patrons will love the exclusivity, and you could gain a lot of sales out of it.

You could also implement conditional promotions that are loyalty-specific. For instance, why not award extra loyalty points to shoppers who purchase specific items or spend a certain amount?

Sales Promotions: 7 Types and How to Implement Them

Such promotions encourage spending while rewarding loyal customers at same time win-win! Consider creating customer segments according to gender, age group, or spending habits. For example, if you want to run a sale for a specific brand or designer, you could create a group consisting of people who purchased that brand in the past, then run a promotion specifically for those customers. Why not send a special offer just for them?

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